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Each evening begins with a gathering of all the clubs in the Family Life Center.  Here we salute the flag of the United States of America, salute the Awana flag, recite our key verse, make announcements, and have prayer.  Then the clubs move to the three basic parts of each club meeting.



Every Awana meeting includes a high-energy
age appropriate game time featuring individual
or team competition.  Many of the games are
played on a circle which is exclusive to Awana. 
Other games are typical playground games. 
Kids love the Awana games which give them
a chance to unleash their natural energy and enthusiasm.  This exciting time is led by
trained Awana game directors.


During handbook time clubbers work through
their individual handbooks, at their own learning
pace.  The Awana handbooks feature Bible memorization, basic Bible teachings, readings, and stories.  Memorized verses and completed
sections are said to listeners, enabling the clubbers
to qualify for a variety of awards. Trained leaders
help the clubbers understand and complete the handbook sections.  However, parents are
encouraged to help their child complete
sections at home.


The entire club gathers for singing, a Bible message,
and special announcements.  A highlight of council
time is the presentation of many of the individual
awards for handbook achievement.  Awards for
team competitions are also presented during this
time.  All the Awana clubs meet together in the
Family Life Center for a final large group closing
council time which often includes presentation of
major individual awards and promotion of future
Awana events. Parents often attend this closing time.
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What are the different club programs for boys and girls in Awana?

 for boys and girls in grades K - 2
for boys and girls in grades 3 - 6

SPARKS is the program for children in kindergarten through second grade.  Our Sparks program is directed by Heidi Gifford and their game director is Rick Grimm.  Clubbers who complete the entire program will work through three handbooks - the HangGlider the WingRunner, and the SkyStormer handbooks. 
The handbooks feature:
(1)   Basic truths about God, Jesus Christ, salvation, and the Bible;
(2)   An emphasis on Scripture memory.  In three years children will learn and review 68 verses;
(3)   Exciting biographies of Bible characters from Genesis to Revelation;

(4)   Clear and consistent presentations of the Gospel message.
All new clubbers will start with a new entrance test based on John 3:16.  They will then begin the HangGlider handbook which will feature captivating biographies of Bible characters, a CD with dramatic readings to be used with parents, and the beginning of a chronological journey through the Scriptures that should lead to lasting faith in Christ.  Upon completion of that handbook, clubbers in grades one and two can move to the WingRunner.  When that handbook is completed, second graders can move to SkyStormer.  Book completion ribbons are presented when the first two books are completed and then the Sparky Award is presented when all three have been completed.  Extra credit materials are available for those who quickly complete handbooks.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish but have
everlasting life.
John 3:16


"My friend for Christ."

The SPARKY AWARD is awarded for completing all three handbooks/

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We are Sparks for Jesus;
Sparks to light the world.
We will shine for Jesus,
as we tell each boy and girl!
We will hide God's Word in our hearts;
We will serve Him right from the start;
From His love we never can part,
for we are Sparks!, Sparks!,
Sparks! Sparks!
Sparks to light the world


TRUTH & TRAINING (T&T) reflects the passion to teach third through sixth grade boys and girls the truth of God's Word and to train them to follow Christ in their daily lives.  Our goal is that today's young people will become tomorrow's church leaders.  T&T is the program that trains the leaders of tomorrow - today.

Our Ultimate Adventure Clubs are for grades 3 and 4.  The girls are directed by Michele Ruhl and the boys by Jim Lawson.  Our Ultimate Challenge Clubs are for those in grades 5 and 6.  The girls are led by Becky Palmisano and the boys by Wayne Manley.  Jack Lewis and John Fisher serve as game directors.

Special awards are presented for completing each hanbdbook, culminating is the Timothy Award for all four handbooks.

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Firmly Awana stands, led by the Lord's commands.
Approved workers are not ashamed,
Boys and girls for His service claimed!
Hail, Awana! On the march for youth; Hail Awana!
Holding forth the truth, building lives on the Word of God,
Awana stands!
Our Savior following, with steps unfaltering,
And love unaltering,  His praise we sing!
His banner over us, in service glorious,
We'll fight victorious, for Christ our King!


Clubbers are eligible for a variety of awards which are earned through completing sections in their handbook and by club and Sunday School attendance.  Most of these awards are displayed on the uniform.  Sparks earn rank patches and colored jewels which are inserted in crowns.  T&T clubbers earn special awards which are displayed on a uniform badge.  There are special awards presented for completion of various handbooks.


Sparks Skipper book - First Book Award Ribbon

Sparks Hiker book - Second Book Award Ribbon

Sparks Climber book - Sparky Award Plaque and name engraved on the Sparky Award plaque at BFC


T&T red Adventure Book 1
- Alpha Award Ribbon and Pin

T&T blue Adventure Book 2
- Excellence Award and Pin

T&T green Challenge Book 1
- Challenge Award and Pin

T&T yellow Challenge Book 2 - Timothy Award and Pin.  Trophy and name engraved on the Timothy Award plaque at FBC

Meritorious(6 years) and Citation Awards (10 years) are also available, by independent study,
for those who have completed sixth grade and have earned the Timothy Trophy.

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Awana sponsors a number of special events for its clubbers.  Often there are special one-night promotions such as Crazy-Hair Night or Bring-A-Buddy Night.  Some of the clubs participate in community service projects throughout the year and others have special fellowship activities, such as hikes, camping, and visits to area attractions.  There are, however, several major events which are part of the annual Awana program.

GO PROJECT   (January 2015)
This replaces adopt-a-club.  More details will be coming.

BIBLE QUIZZING  (FEBRUARY  2015) ....  Tentative
Each year we take several teams of our T&T clubbers compete in Bible Quizzing competition.  Our clubbers prepare for several months in special sessions led by our coaching staff.  Then they compete for both team and individual awards in February.  The practice sessions are fun and sometimes even involve competing against parents to better learn the content of their club handbooks.

GRAND PRIX (April, 2015)
Awana clubbers look forward to the annual Grand Prix where they compete to win trophies in speed racing and car design.  They construct their cars from an Awana kit which contains a block of wood, axles and wheels.  The clubbers are helped to build these cars during Awana or they may work with the help of a parent or friend.  Parents are invited to attend this special event and over 20 trophies are presented to winning clubbers and each participant is presented with a special Grand Prix ribbon.  In 2008 we introduced a new aluminum six-lane track for the speed competition.

(March 2015)
...   Tentative for 2015


The major costs of the Awana program are covered by Faith Bible Fellowship Church and by special gifts from numerous parents and friends of the Awana ministry.  However, there are three areas where parents are asked to contribute to the costs of the participation of their children in the Awana program. 
These are summarized below


In order to help pay for the many costs of running the program, Awana clubbers are asked to contribute 60 cents per week in dues. Parents may save money by paying the dues for the entire year in advance.  Special rates are also available for families who pay in advance.  The club secretary can provide you with the details of advance payment and family dues plans.  These dues help with the cost of prizes, clubber awards, gifts, and other operating expenses.


Handbooks are a required part of the Awana program and are the record of each clubber's individual achievement. The cost of a handbook is $9.00.  For many clubbers a handbook represents a year's work, while for some, it may take more time to complete one.  These must be brought to club each week. Since these guide and record the clubber's achievement, they should be cared for carefully.  Lost handbooks need to be replaced at the full cost. Parents are also encouraged to help the clubbers prepare sections in these handbooks each week.


Uniforms are used to display the clubber's awards and should be worn to each club meeting.  Clubbers may purchase them after completing the entrance test.  The red Sparky vest can be worn for three years in grades
K-2 and the green T&T Adventurer's shirt can be worn in grades 3-4.  The blue Challenger's shirt is worn in grades 5-6.  Parents are encouraged to order a uniform which is large enough to be worn for all the years a clubber is in that particular club. Information about ordering uniforms is sent home when the clubber becomes eligible to purchase one.


Parents, you are essential in helping your child find the most enjoyment and fulfillment in Awana.  Here are suggestions for your involvement.

1.   Encourage your child to attend Awana each week.  Not only will consistency help your child to excel, but he/she is also a member of a color team that counts on your child's participation.
2.   Make sure that your child brings his/her handbook and Bible, wears his/her uniform, and pays dues each week (or in advance).
3.   Have your child wear sneakers for the games.  Slacks are also preferred, since most games are played on carpet.
4.   Be sure your clubber arrives on time and be ready to pick him/her up promptly at 8:40.
5.   Help your child prepare one or two sections each week.  This will keep your child motivated and will help him/her earn awards and complete the handbook.
6.   Always encourage your child.  Children have more fun when Mom and Dad show interest in their accomplishments.

All clubbers are expected to abide by the following rules:

1.   Treat church property respectfully;
2.   Treat other clubbers and leaders respectfully;
3.   Gum, food and drink are to be enjoyed before and after club and not
on the church premises or in the vans;
4.   Clubbers are always to be with a leader while on church property.  For their safety, the parking lot is off-limits except when arriving or leaving;
5.   Personal possessions, other than a Bible and handbook, should be left at

The major discipline tool used in Awana is
the three count.
1.   On a count of one, the clubber is warned that his behavior is not appropriate;
2.   On a count of two, the clubber loses any team prizes or hand-outs for the night
3.   On a count of three, he/she is taken home and suspended for sever

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