There are so many memories in a lifetime that it is impossible to write stories about all of them. Here are some of those that you might find interesting.

Asking Jesus to be my Savior in Sunbury on June 12, 1945 … Blackouts during the war in Wilmington … riding the bus to Harrisburg from New Cumberland … attending church above a warehouse in an alley in Harrisburg … participating in the Elizabethtown College May Day by being part of the May Pole dance … playing on our huge porch … Grandpa Kauffman buying our first car, a Ford, in Elizabethtown … “surviving” a pony and cart crash when the driver lost control of the pony … visiting Mammy and Pappy Wise who used a first floor coal stove to heat their entire house. Mammy was always baking cookies and delicious pies on her coal stove in the kitchen … swinging on their porch swing … Mammy’s morning glories … sleeping there in the winter without any heat … getting up in the morning to find Mammy and Grandma Kauffman doing the wash with a wringer washer. Going to the corner store to buy Cho Chos and comic books … playing with cars on a large linoleum map of the U.S. with cardboard buildings that were printed on dividers in boxes of Shredded Wheat.

Spending Saturday nights at the Sheffys watching wrestling on television. An appliance storeowner, Mr. Sheffy, was one of the first – if not the first – in Lancaster County to have a television … visiting Uncle John and Aunt Ellen Derck on Friday nights to watch boxing on TV … going to a school festival when Terry fell and hit his head on a fire hydrant. He was taken to the hospital for stitches above his eye … building our new house in Lititz. I fell from the first floor to the basement with a cement block just missing my head … picking up many buckets of stones so that we could plant grass.

Grandma giving us a quarter to go to Bollinger’s, the local grocery store, for a bottle of 7 Up. That was a special treat … winning a barrel of groceries in a drawing at Dosters … playing ball and sledding in the Moravian Cemetery at the end of Lemon St. … sleeping on the floor at the side porch door on very hot nights – nobody had air conditioning then … spending time visiting Staten Island and New York City with the Smocks … Christmas celebrations with the Wolf relatives – the visits in Bethlehem were extra special. They had an upstairs sunroom with an old fashioned radio and we enjoyed listening to programs there. We also enjoyed sliding down the laundry chute. In the summer we loved to play in an old chicken coup that they had cleaned for this purpose in their backyard … going with Grandpa Wolf as he visited members of his congregation in both Sunbury and Harrisburg … watching the Ephrata Farm Show parade from the Wolf’s front porch and later from the Smocks front porch.

Standing in line with Terry to purchase a ten-inch television for nine cents at Sheffy’s anniversary sale …watching Howdy Doody (each afternoon), Covered Wagon Theater (Saturday mornings), Texaco Theater, and the Hit Parade (Saturday nights) … playing a special baseball game in the backyard on our knees, with cardboard figures, practice golf balls, and miniature bats … trading and collecting baseball cards … cheering for the Whiz Kids (Phillies) … helping my sister and brother try to nail together a small tree we had broken while playing in our backyard … meeting Adlai Stevenson on a campaign stop in Lititz during his run to be elected President … going to school in the old Lititz Elementary Building which was then K-12 … moving into the brand new Warwick High School building. We were the first class to spend our last three years there.

Being part of starting a new church in Lancaster … summer tent meetings … going door to door in Lancaster delivering information about our new church … having church and prayer meetings in Malta Temple above their bowling lanes and listening to the balls hit the pins … building our first church building … spending time with the folks from the Lebanon church for picnics and socials … leading the Children’s Department in Sunday School … helping my mother with a Good News Club for neighborhood kids in our basement … leading our first church choir.

Marching with the band and playing trombone at football games and in parades in Ephrata, New Holland and Manheim. … marching for Evelyn Aye in Ephrata after she was named Miss America … being baptized in a swimming pool near Terre Hill … working on the ice truck at Mizpah Grove selling blocks of ice for 10 and 25 cents … sleeping in bunks of straw in the tents at Mizpah … driving to deliver surgical goods on a Saturday morning when the radio announced that the Russians had launched Sputnik, the first satellite … running two successful campaigns for class president … the September street fair on Broad St. in Lititz … being part of the Bicentennial Parade … playing with the Lititz Trombone Choir early in the morning each Easter … going to Shibe Park in Philadelphia to see Robin Roberts pitch against Don Newcombe (Phillies vs. Brooklyn Dodgers) … traveling with students from Berean Bible School to New York City to see Charlie Mann sail to Africa and again to see Leonard and Nina Buck fly to South Africa to serve as missionaries.
The snow of 1958 which paralyzed the area for a week. In the height of the storm I came home from a district chorus concert in Harrisburg with our choir director and a friend and we often had to push his car through the snow just to get home. Snowdrifts covered the telephone poles on the Lititz Pike. Half of Lititz had no electricity for several days – fortunately we did. One of my friends who didn’t have electricity or heat stayed with us. A train was used to bring milk and bread into Lititz.

Helping to coach the Lititz Teener Team (Terry played on team) to a championship … coaching the Mosquitoes Little League team in Sunbury with Teat Gaugler … playing on the church softball team … laying down a squeeze bunt that scored Terry to win a softball game … watching the Lititz Legion Baseball team play on Saturdays while enjoying lemon-lime soda and chips … watching Terry wrestle and play football for Warwick, the Conference of Roses championship team.

Hitchhiking – when it was safe to do so – between Lititz and Allentown when working at Mizpah and between Lititz and Selinsgrove when going to Susquehanna. Getting through Harrisburg was often a challenge and a few times I had to walk across the bridge … taking the train from Lancaster to Sunbury … watching the guards come out of their guard house to stop traffic on Market St. in Sunbury for the trains to pass … flying to several locations with the Susquehanna football team to keep statistics when the Crusaders were one of the top small college teams in the nation … traveling with the basketball team by bus for four years when the team was also a small college power. … watching TV in the Susquehanna snack bar when the first manned space flight was completed … rooming with Jim Herrold … learning to eat salads while staying with the Wolfs on weekends while a student at SU … student teaching in Sunbury High School … singing each Sunday morning on the radio with the Gospel Four … meeting Dianne each Friday night after she was done working at the First National Bank in Sunbury … taking summer masters courses at Bucknell, including 7:30 a.m. Saturday classes.

The birth of my three sons and my seven grandchildren. Being amazed at the miracle of birth every time. Holding each one for the first time and silently praying that the Lord would protect them, draw them to Him and use each of them for His honor and glory … our boys asking Jesus to be their Savior … dedications, engagements, weddings and graduations.

A bad wind and rain storm which tore down tents during our last week at Mizpah … Ken getting a bad burn when he fell on our lantern at Mizpah … trying to tent at Pinebrook … staying in the wet musty rooms at Pinebrook before they were upgraded … our three boys all getting high fevers and swollen glands before their tonsils were taken our … teaching when the announcement was made that President Kennedy had been shot and killed … sitting with Gramps in his living room when we watched Jack Ruby shoot and kill Oswald. … viewing the funeral … watching the telecast of the first moon landing and the first moonwalk while staying in Tallahassee, Florida. Grandma and Grandpa Kauffman and Kendy were visiting us there at that time … passing signs in Orlando which announced the future site of Disneyworld … spending the summer at Florida State in a National Science Foundation Institute on computers. Living in an apartment complex there with folks from all over the country.

Huge bugs in our home in Silver Springs … bats in our attic on George St. … huge rats in our garage when we moved to Charlotte St. … squirrels in our basement on Charlotte St. … Uncle Rick needing stitches after tearing his chin on the top of the tetherball pole while hiding Easter eggs in Grandpa Kauffman’s backyard … Grandma Kauffman’s great macaroni salad which nobody has been able to duplicate … having the Herrold family come on sleds to visit us during a snowstorm when we both lived on George St. in Millersville … our boys marching in the Lititz Halloween parade with Kendy in costumes made by Grandma Kauffman … summer visits with the Kauffmans at Stone Harbor … the train behind our home in Silver Springs and the fire siren behind our home on George St. … planting 6-inch pine trees around the back of our property on Charlotte St. … our yellow Volkswagon Bug and its floor which rusted out … our yellow Dodge stationwagon and our Red Dodge Caravan which we used hard, especially for our ministry … Tim kicking Craig and Ken while they were playing a violin duet in a Rally Day service in Manheim … the Lab School … leaders and campers in the audience of a Good News camp at Old Mill who got sick while we were presenting a program – not from our program but from contaminated water from their well.

Shaking hands with President Reagan and taking his picture … gathering leaves on the White House Lawn to turn into bookmarks for our Awana clubbers and my students … watching the President land by helicopter three days later on the Millersville campus … traveling to a conference when it was announced that he had been shot and wounded.

Over 25 trips to numerous cities to attend conventions of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics … visiting the museums in Chicago with our boys … taking Tim there on crutches … walking on the Riverwalk and visiting Mexico while in San Antonio … watching the Mormon Tabernacle Choir practice and record in Salt Lake City … hearing a special concert (four rows back) of the Boston Pops in Boston … attending Expo in Montreal … flying with Kisha and Zachary when we went to Seattle … watching Willie Mays play in Houston … visiting the Dunns while in Orlando … speaking at St. Louis, Detroit and Orlando … viewing the wild animals roam in the park at San Diego … visiting Awana Headquarters and the Billy Graham Museum while in Chicago … riding the trolley in San Francisco … touring the Dome in Indianapolis … watching the Twins play indoor in Minneapolis … seeing New Orleans before it was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina … driving in the Rocky Mountains before our rental car broke down … the unbelievable traffic in Los Angeles … snow in Cleveland … touring the beautiful city of Toronto

The five of us driving our little Omni to Disney in Florida. We drove all night to get there, switching drivers every couple of hours … coaching Wally Walker (NBA star) as an eighth grader and going undefeated in regular length games. Later arranging his press conference when he signed with Virginia … vacations with the Michels in Maine (complete with lobsters), at Letchworth State Park in New York and a week in Chincoteague … Craig working with the fire company … Ken competing on the sidehorse in gymnastics – earning the highest score in eastern PA in the state finals … Tim doing well on the high school golf team … all three playing for our church softball teams …our Kerry Blue Terrier, Peanuts … purchasing our Boston Terrier, Spike, for $65 at a farm near Leola … pheasants and deer in the field behind our house. A fox who rested beneath our pine trees … the skunk we caught in our squirrel trap.

Buying the first handheld scientific calculator for $275 from Sears … purchasing and installing Penn Manor’s first computer lab (TRS80’s) … winning national recognition for the Chapter I math program which I supervised … watching television while preparing for class and watching the planes hit the Twin Towers in New York … coordinating Penn Manor’s student-led Baccalaureate Service.... organizing and sponsoring the Berean Bible Study Club at Penn Manor for over 25 years … teaching Craig and Tim in high school and Craig at Millersville.

Kidney stones (both grammy and pop pop) … knee surgery, gall bladder surgery … being able to take some of our grandchildren to places like Dutch Apple, Millersburg Ferry, Wild Animal Park, Sight and Sound to see Noah, Chocolate World, PA State Museum, and Dutch Wonderland … Fourth of July parades in Lititz … birthday dinners with special cakes … presenting Sparky and Timothy awards to my grandchildren in Awana … earning the Awana Citation Award … going to Penn State football games with Grammy. We enjoyed the electric atmosphere, the tailgating, the band, and the games … Christmas Eve services and then opening presents and having a buffet after the service with our family … singing with our sons and grandchildren at the Christmas Eve service … the dinner for our 25th Wedding Anniversary and the surprise party for our 4oth at the old Calvary church … a new development behind our home in Millersville with Aletha Drive named after Grandma (Aletha) Kauffman and Houffman Place named after Grandpa (Horace) Kauffman … building our new church on Donerville Road and remodeling the horse barn into a Youth Center.